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We invite you to browse our photo galleries of high quality, hand painted Talavera ceramics, Decorative Tiles, Tile Murals and Mexican Handcrafts.

Talavera Patterns gallery displays the many unique designs that are available for all of our Talavera pieces. These design patterns can be used on any of the items you select to be included in your order of the finest pottery available in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

Talavera Collections shows you many of the shapes and forms of Talavera pottery and ceramics for your Kitchen, Dining, Garden, or Bath, which will incorporate the pattern(s) you selected in the patterns gallery.

Decorative Tiles presents a selection of distinctive Talavera tiles to decorate kitchens, walkways, interior and exterior walls of your home. There is also a collection of tile murals, which represent scenes handed down for hundreds of years as well as reproductions of paintings by famous Mexican artists such as Diego Rivera.

Mexican Handcrafts exhibits a vast array of original tin ornamental art, Oaxaca wood carvings, dolls, masks, Day of The Dead art, angels, mermaids, and other unique folk art pieces from around Mexico.

Talavera Shop takes you on a virtual tour of this beautiful little shop in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This warm and welcoming shop provides a comfortable atmosphere in which to see the finest Talavera, Mexican Handcrafts and curios from all around Mexico.

Many of these hand made original pieces by Mexican artisans are one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you like, order it now! Store owners Jim and Jackie Kilpatrick are constantly selecting a new inventory of folk art objects, fine Talavera ceramics, dinnerware, serving platters, and sinks as well as tile murals and unusual Mexican handcrafts.

If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to inquire. Jackie will be happy to help you find that unique home decor or gift item that you've been searching for.

After 32 years at our former location, TalaveraEtc is now located just 1 1/2 blocks north at Franciso I. Madero 275 in Puerto Vallarta's Old Town
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