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A Talavera sink will add a unique charm and ambiance to your bathroom decor. Talavera sinks are gaining popularity as design accents for today's decorating styles, and Talavera etc has a wide selection to choose from.

Our sinks have a luster that is unmatched. The vibrance of color and the delicate detail of the hand painting make each sink its own work of art.

Oval sinks measure approximately 16" x 12" [small] or 19" x 14" [large], available in any of the designs from our Pattern Galleries. We also have a selection of 17" and 20" top- mounted wash basins, with no-cost drain options. Matching large pitchers are available, as well. All of our sinks and basins are available in most of our patterns.

As each of these basins are handmade, the sizes of these one of a kind items vary - so be sure to consult us with your bathroom decorating plans. In addition to talavera sinks, we also offer a variety of stylish talavera bathroom accessories; from matching decorative tiles to soap dishes, tissue boxes and jewelry boxes. To view some examples, we invite you to browse our photo galleries at Talavera Collections.

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