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All Talavera patterns are unique. Since Talavera is a Mexican form of art, many pieces have similarities, but none are actually identical, as each piece has it's own personality and character. The vibrant colors, the delicate detail of the hand painting and the resulting textures give our Talavera a luster that is unmatched by the screen or stencil painted items commonly found.

These Talavera designs give your home a distinctive ambiance and will compliment any type of decorative style. The patterns can be used on any of the items you select for your Kitchen, Dining, Garden, or Bath, so you can choose a different design or theme for each room of your home, or for every piece of your collection.

These galleries of Talavera patterns and designs allow you to select your favorite(s) to be included in your order of the finest pottery available in Puerto Vallarta and throughout Mexico. These designs can be ordered by either name or number.

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